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Introduction: the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa

Through the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, the European Union is addressing the instability and root causes of irregular migration and forced displacement, especially in priority countries of origin and transit, by promoting resilience, economic and equal opportunities, security and development and addressing human rights' abuses. With a focus on 3 geographical areas in Africa, initiatives are implemented in the Sahel and Lake Chad basin, the Horn of Africa and the North of Africa-through a range of operating partners.


The strategy of the EUTF for Africa for the Sahel and the Lake Chad basin focuses on building a comprehensive approach for stability, security and resilience as well as facilitating migration management in the region. A special attention is given to the most vulnerable groups, especially to young people in the region.

Migration management

In the Sahel and Lake Chad region, the EUTF for Africa addresses the concerns of increased migration pressures and displacement as well as facilitates the nexus between migration and development in partner countries through targeted initiatives, evidence-based needs analysis and dialogues with stakeholders. Among the various initiatives supported, the EUTF for Africa is closely working with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to contribute to the reinforcement of migration management and to ensure protection, return and reintegration of migrants.

This cooperation focuses on providing protection and assistance to vulnerable and stranded migrants while offering reliable information on their rights, risks of irregular migration and its alternatives. In this context, projects are supporting voluntary return and effective reintegration through initiatives such as vocational training, starting a micro-business or participating in income generative activities. To contribute to a better and comprehensive understanding of current migration flows, the action is also fostering data collection and analysis, on migration demographics, flows and drivers.

Moreover, local authorities and relevant stakeholders are going to be supported throughout all interventions, to ensure coordination and sustainability and to strengthen migration management and governance in the region.



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