Take a look at the activities of Community Mobilisers

The sensitization of migrants in transit is not an easy task, especially not when it comes to neighborhoods in the outskirts of a city as large as Niamey. However, our community mobilisers have been meeting this challenge every day since the opening of the Orientation Office in Niamey in October of 2017.

Traveling through ghettos, bus stations, autogares and IOM transit centers, they are always ready to share their experiences and knowledge about irregular migration. Since their inception, they have sensitized not less than 25,000 migrants and members of host communities about the potential risks of irregular migration, its alternatives, IOM direct assistance to migrants in distress and the reintegration program after their return. In their country of origin.

IOM's four Orientation offices (BEOs) in Niger are supported by the European Union in Niger under the Migrant Resource and Response Mechanism (MRRM).

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