Radio discussion with COSINN project actors

Have you ever wanted to discuss the most relevant topics for your community with your local leaders, live on the radio? In Arlit, this is what RADIO Kaocen ARLIT is doing with the support of the community stabilization project "Community Stabilization Initiatives in Northern Niger" (COSINN).

In local languages (Haoussa, Zerma and Tamashek), Radio Kaocen regularly organizes debates on various topics including the rights and duties citizens, the fight against violent extremism, the culture of peace, the problems related to rural exodus, the importance of education for girls, etc. For each debate, key people will be invited for each topic to be discussed, to allow citizens to interact with their leaders. The purpose of these debates is to raise the awareness of communities, especially the youth who make up a large part of this population.

The COSINN project, funded by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany (Auswärtiges Amt), aims to contribute to the stabilization of the communities most affected by the loss of income from migration in northern Niger.

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