Press Trip to Malanville PCJ

As part of its border management activities, the IOM Niger IOM - Border Management in the Sahel team and the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) jointly organized a visit on 27-28 June. Press at the Juxtaposes Control Stations (PCJ) in Malanville. The PCJ Malanville, inaugurated in 2014, is the work of the UEMOA commission whose funding was largely provided by the European Union in Niger.

This guided tour for local media allowed the journalists to discover the different buildings of the border crossing and to better understand the functioning of the PCJ. A screening session followed on the generalities and objectives of the CPJ or journalists were able to grasp the importance of this infrastructure in improving trade while ensuring a free movement of people between the two states.

IOM Niger, through this awareness campaign, aims to support the project of facilitation of the transport and the road transit which will certainly contribute to the development and economic growth of the region.

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