Opportunities in the agricultural sector through the COSINN project

Mohamed, Issouf, Moussa, and Aghali are all members of a community affected by migratory flows in Niger. A community stabilization project launched by IOM gave them and 26 other Nigerians a reason to dream of a better future in their community. This group of 30 is composed of returning migrants from Libya, former smugglers and at-risk youth; They are now looking for opportunities in the agricultural sector to improve their daily lives.

Aghali returned from Libya in 2017, but he still has not heard from friends he left behind. Since his return, Aghali has not been able to find a stable job. In a good day, he earns about 2,500 CFA on the lands of his neighbors. In the absence of Aghali, Rhissa wanted to follow in her brother's footsteps and leave for Libya, but her parents feared for her future. Aghali now hopes that having her own land and the opportunity to work alongside her brother will lead to a new positive chapter in her life.

The Reintegration of Migrants and Countering Radicalization Project through the creation of jobs through the restoration of degraded lands and their productive base is funded by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.

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