Meet Dan Ballan

Meet Dan Ballan! A native of Zinder, Dan Ballan has worked as a database manager with IOM at Arlit for over two years.

"One day when we were in Assamaka for an assessment mission, when we were ready to go back to Arlit, we were told to wait because there were about 400 people coming back from the border. During the hours that followed, we carried bags, suitcases and babies, assisted them on the spot and sensitized them about the assistance in the transit centers.

As a database manager for the listening and guidance office, I can have the best of both worlds: I can do fieldwork and raise awareness of migrants, but also office work where I can use my knowledge of data management. It is a challenge not only to educate migrants, but also to ensure that all data is accurate. It's in my blood to help people, and I think that's the case for many people who work in the humanitarian sector. When I see someone who is lost, I feel the need to guide and help them, "Dan Ballan confesses.

The four Offices of Listening and Orientation (BEOs) of IOM Niger are supported by the European Union in Niger, within the framework of the Resource and Response Mechanism for Migrants (MRRM).




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