Let's go to meet Inoussa

Manager of the Arlit transit center since 2015.

"There were three of us when we started working at the Arlit transit center three years ago and now we have grown to a team of more than 30 people. The situation has changed considerably in recent years, but especially in recent months with new waves of migrants arriving in Assamaka.

We had more than 1,000 migrants at the center at one point, so things were not easy. You forget your family, you forget to sleep and you try to do your best to cope with this situation. However, I like the work we do and be on the ground. I like to attend and talk with migrants, "Inoussa tells us.

The six IOM Migrant Transit Centers in Niger are supported by the European Union in Niger under the Migrant Resource and Response Mechanism (MRRM).

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