Launch of the football tournament in Agadez

At the beginning of the month, a kick-off ceremony of the football tournament for the benefit of young people and migrants from the IOM transit center took place in Agadez. This tournament is implemented as part of the project Migrant Rescue and Assistance in Agadez Region (MIRAA), and in partnership with the sports association Nassara AC and the Galgadin Matassa association.

On the menu of the day, speeches from the various partners of the project, including the Director General of Nassara AC, the representative of the Ministry of Youth and Sport, the president of the Agadez Football League and the Mayor of the Urban Community of 'Agadez, as well as sensitization activities with the Galgadin Matassa artistic troupe and, of course, a friendly football match between the Nassara AC team and a team of migrants from the transit center in Agadez.

Following this opening, six days of training were organized to bring together migrants and local youth and, while using sport as a unifying force, reduce tension and stigma. In order to close this first training session, a promotion of 25 players played one match against the Nassara AC team, winning the 3-to-1 victory.
Thank you all for these games full of suspense and with many twists!

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