Get to know Fatima

Get to know Fatima, Protection Assistant at IOM’s transit centre for migrants in Agadez, financed by the European Union.

“It’s always been my dream to work with women. I have been working at IOM’s transit centre for migrants in Agadez for more than 8 months as the women’s focal point, within the Protection unit. I am born and raised in Agadez so I didn’t have a problem in adapting to life here.

I work closely with the psychologists and doctors at the centre to make sure the women get the proper assistance. It’s hard to see so many capable and intelligent women, but with no means to support themselves, having to take this route. Many of them end up victims of sexual harassment, or even human trafficking.

As a woman, some of these stories often stay with me even when after working hours. It helps when I see them regain their confidence and self-esteem during their stay at the centre,” says Fatima.

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