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Our outreach activities are taking place across Niger, but it all started in Agadez. This is where, since April 2016, our team of Mobilisateurs Communautaires organize sensitization sessions on the risks of irregular migration in the city of Agadez.

Agadez today brings together 16 extraordinary Community Mobilisers. They succeeded in bringing our first Listening and Guidance Office to life, and since the opening of this office, they have sensitized more than 34,000 migrants about the risks and dangers of irregular migration, the mandate of IOM and the option of voluntary return and reintegration. In 2018, more than 200 people in Agadez accepted voluntary return to their home countries through sensitization.

The four Offices of Listening and Orientation (BEOs) of IOM Niger are supported by the European Union in Niger, within the framework of the Resource and Response Mechanism for Migrants (MRRM).

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