The film Issalam Taret: Any News From the Road?

Pushed by poverty, climate change and instability migrants are continuing to cross North African deserts to reach Agadez, in northern Niger - a last stop before crossing to Libya or Algeria, and eventually Europe. On their journey, they often face exploitation by traffickers and criminal networks.

In September 2016 a new law was passed in Niger, resulting in a crack down on the transportation of migrants, pushing migrants to more dangerous routes. Upon reaching northern Niger, migrants often find themselves waiting inside ghettos, abused and abandoned in remote areas, and faced with dramatic choices. As the traditional Tuareg greeting, 'Issalam Taret', asks: Is there any news from the road? Any reliable information to help them decide whether to move on or go back home? The International Organization for Migrations has responded to migrants in precarious situations with search and rescue missions for migrants abandoned in the vast and insecure Sahara desert. Additionally, IOM community mobilizers provide migrants with possible answers that can help them make future decisions on their journey.

The film Issalam Taret: Any News From the Road? explores these difficult choices facing people on the move through Niger through the perspectives of migrants who dream of a more secure future.

The Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs at Fordham University will host this film screening followed by a panel discussion with:
-Alberto Preato, IOM Niger Program Manager and IIHA Humanitarian Design Fellow at Fordham University 
-Kieran Gorman-Best, IOM Senior Policy and Liaison Oficer 
-Isaie Dougon, PhD, Professor of French and Humanitarian Affairs at Fordham University

This is event is co-sponsored by IOM and Fordham University's Department of Modern Languages and Literature.

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