Discover the annual event of the cure sallée

Les activités pendant la Cure Salée ont été également soutenu par le projet « Initiatives de Stabilisation Communautaire dans le Nord du Niger » (COSINN), financé par le gouvernement de la République fédérale d'Allemagne, et qui vise à contribuer à la stabilisation des communautés les plus touchés par la perte des revenus de la migration dans le nord du Niger.

The Cure Salée is a very important annual event for Fulani and Tuareg breeders, which takes place in mid-September in Ingall, west of Agadez. After a year of separation, the Tuaregs and Peuhls take advantage of these three days to celebrate weddings, participate in songs and dances or take part in various competitions, such as camel races or Peuhl dances.

With the occasion of the Cure Salée, the community mobilizers also sensitized the pastoral populations and the people of Ingall on the safe, orderly and informed migration as well as the opportunities related to the regular migration and the mandate of the IOM. Dances, theater and football matches were organized for the communities. Authorities, including Prime Minister Brigi Rafini, visited the IOM booth and congratulated colleagues on the continued assistance to migrants.

Our outreach activities through IOM Niger's four Listening and Guidance Offices (BEOs) are supported by the European Union in Niger and the Danish International Development Agency (Danida), within the framework of Resource and Response Mechanism for Migrants (MRRM).

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