Congratulations to the community mobilizers

Originally from sub-Saharan Africa, more and more migrants dreaming of Europe spend weeks or months in Agadez, hoping to find a way to continue their journey to Libya or Algeria to work or try to get on a boat bound for Europe.

In the suburbs of Agadez, they live in ghettos, out of sight and in precarious conditions. Installed in unfinished buildings without running water or electricity. With only mats on the floor, a pot and a teapot, they wait.

Every day, teams of community mobilizers visit these ghettos to meet and interact with migrants, potential migrants and host communities in the city. No need to ask questions about the motivation of these migrants, because the answer is there, drawn on the walls: "The misery of Europe is the wealth of Africa" or "Europe or nothing, God is the ".

However, thanks to the work of the MobComs in 2018, almost 1,000 migrants found in ghettos across Niger, decided to agree to return to their country of origin with the assistance of IOM.

IOM's listening and guidance offices in Niger are funded by the European Union in Niger under the Migrant Resource and Response Mechanism (MRRM).


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