Celebrate our heroes

What if today we took a little time to celebrate IOM's lesser-known heroes?

Most people are unaware of the hard work and dedication shown by our MobComs, who provide advice to migrants in transit and inform them about the risks of irregular migration, alternatives, and assistance. that IOM can provide.

Given the low knowledge of migrants about irregular migration and the prevalence of false information on the duration, conditions and risks of irregular migratory routes, as well as the lack of trust in certain structures, community mobilizers fulfill the function crucial to make this information better known and to encourage migrants to make informed and informed decisions about their future.

For almost three years, awareness raising sessions were organized in close collaboration with the host community. As a result, we reached more than 218,000 people through awareness raising and community events. All activities are designed to be highly interactive, engaging and entertaining, and rely on proven learning and awareness methodologies.

So today, we thank our 50 community mobilisers for their boundless enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to this basic work! Good luck for 2019!

The four Offices of Listening and Orientation (BEOs) of IOM Niger are supported by the European Union in Niger and by the Danish Agency for International Development (Danida), under the Resources Mechanism and Response for Migrants (MRRM).


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