Arrivals of more than 1500 migrants at the transit center of Agadez

Between September 2017 and May 2018, more than 7,600 migrants were registered at Assamaka, a village a few kilometers from the border between Niger and Algeria.

These migrants undergo arbitrary evictions, are beaten, deprived of their properties and abandoned in the desert by the Algerian police without water, nor food. Many of them die there, the survivors tell us their stories. "We are treated like animals", "people came into my room to take me to the border, they threatened to rape my wife in front of me if I did not do what they said", or "I had to leave all my savings there and now I'm going home empty handed after working for 7 years in Algeria."

More than 1,500 migrants are now in Agadez, at the IOM transit center. Their savings, their children, their clothes and their dignity have been left behind. Now they want to go home, and they want their voices heard. IOM remains committed to helping them.

➡ You can read more of the story told by Giuseppe Loprete, IOM Chief of Mission in Niger, on the link below:


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